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All 4 ATWA Booklets

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All 4 ATWA Booklets

1.) "We must do things that we must do. That doesn’t mean that there’s a choice in the matter. The choice is only HOW we do it. We must DO it. How we do it, is an episode that each mind and each intelligent life form must work out for themselves. They must work these things out any way that they can, for the love and life that they see is their own family. The family of America. We must concentrate on the continent of America in order to unify our money, our perspectives, our social order, our lifestyles, and our things that we must do in time that we have, which is not much. We have a small amount of time left.”

- excerpt from booklet, quote by CM

2.)An inspiring collection of Sunday services and testimony from CM supporters.

3.) A collection of CM quotes throughout the years.

4.) "Mother Tree knows my feelings for I can feel her branches and I know my own life in and out, around, up and down, through with, and with out. Yes, Sister Sea feels me as I feel her waves and I hear the cries of the wildlife. A perfect mother knows I feel the wood being cut and I hurt and die with trees falling. How much a beast must I be to defeat the beast that destroys my mother?"


— C. Manson (postcard)