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Sunstone Hawk Art Prints - 1 | 2

Sunstone Hawk Art Prints - 1 | 2

Artwork collaboration between CM and a fellow inmate in Corcoran prison. Extra large prints on card stock.

Pictured in order: #1, #2

ǂ “I’m spiritually allied with the scorpion and the wolf. See spiritualism scares you people, because you got this little stereotype church that you’re buying and selling, and you’re trying to put God in a building, but God is much bigger than that little church, and spiritualism is a lot more than they put in a library and books.” -CM ǂ

I've got so much on my mind, I'm thinking if I just forget everything it should all come out just right. None of this may not of been before I got to thinking it. As a spider I can remember when the so-called Great Wall of China was just a place to keep the cats & whole cities were in one raft with millions of windows - Dreams."
CM- postcard 2003

"I know nothing & everything's just the same & it's all who draws the lines- saves the minds- & gets the blame - Manson - just a name."
CM - postcard 2003

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